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“I started in real estate as a receptionist directly out of high school. It was my first “job”. But what started as a job became a business four years later when I became licensed as a real estate broker. At this point, I thoroughly understood the administrative aspect of real estate transactions, but I had no clue on how to be an entrepreneur. I had not been taught how to effectively run a business or understand the technical nuances of creating profit.

Here I was having problems and then I realized this is not a job. This is a business and I needed a plan. That’s when I discovered that following a targeted, strategic plan quickly produced measurable results.

Our Seven Point Strategic Plan for Real Estate Brokers takes a simple yet proven approach to becoming an effective business owner. We believe that mastery of this simple plan eliminates much of the confusion and lowers the stress caused by uncertainty. This strategy breaks down the technical, managerial and entrepreneurial aspects of the business to create a sustainable plan and an enjoyable career that achieves the objective of our brokers.”

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    Thinking about a career in real estate but don’t know where to start? It doesn’t get easier than this. Spencer Realty, LLC has partnered with VanEd to provide a unique education program for students joining Spencer Realty, LLC as a new Broker. The program is based around VanEd’s successful online licensing coursework, with the addition of supplemental classroom sessions hosted by Spencer Realty, LLC including live support and tutoring. To take advantage of this unique opportunity, register below.

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    The biggest challenge in real estate is rooted in a major misconception that becoming a real estate agent is the equivalent of getting a job with more freedom and great pay. The fact is, unless you’re hired as an employee with a salary, a real estate agent is an independent contractor who officially enters the world of small business owners, Given the enormous small business failure rate, there’s no wonder why so many struggle and ultimately crash. They start, not realizing they need a plan. Our in-depth guidance provides the plan, the tools, the systems the mentoring and the support you need to succeed! 

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    Experienced Agents

    We get it. Time is a precious commodity that must be prioritized and protected. Your focus right now is on improving your production and profiting as quickly as possible. The Fast Tracks coaching program is designed to sharpen the knowledge and skills you currently have and jump start or simply give your real estate career a quick boost. If you would like more information about our Fast Tracks program or would like a one-on-one consultation with our Founder, Tonyeil Spencer, please fill in the contact form.

    We are so dedicated to your success that we are offering you our FREE 7 Steps to Agent Success video course and downloadable Guide. Simply click on the FREE Agent Course tab and enroll. We promise we won’t spam or bug you unless you ask to be contacted. We promise not to trade or sell your contact information. This is simply our gift to you because we want you to succeed no matter where you currently hang your license!

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